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The idea that waxing is just for women is now history. So, why are more men embracing body waxing? One obvious reason is that having clean and smooth skin gives a man an elegant flair and a sophisticated look – a youthful effect especially for the fashion-conscious.

It may not be common to many men because waxing is widely used by athletes – those who are into fitness and gyms. Swimmers and gymnasts all wear skimpy clothing so a lot of skin is exposed. Full body wax male for body-builders would be useful because their musculature is defined during workouts and competition showing abdominal muscles, underarms and backs. In the corporate world, waxing is also gaining popularity. Professionals like businessmen, professors, lawyers and even some doctors find waxing comforting from irritated skin due to rough clothing and sitting for hours.

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What are your timings?
We’re open every day, between 10am and 10pm. SPA closes only on the 2nd of October every year.


Will someone help me choose a suitable treatment?
Yes, either the front office manager / executive or the therapist will help you choose a suitable treatment.


Is there a dress code I must follow?
You’re free to dress to suit your comfort. All therapy rooms at SPA come with attached showers. In case, you’re headed somewhere important after your session, you can take a shower and get dressed in the therapy room.